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Tinaderm Anti Fungal Foot Cream 20g

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  • SKU: ZA705716
  • Brand: Tinaderm
  • Type: Cream
  • Availability: In Stock

Tinaderm Anti Fungal Foot Cream 20g is a tough treatment for the topical treatment of fungal infections of the skin. This smooth white cream is easy to apply and can be used to treat various areas.

Detailed Description:

Scheduling status: Proprietary name and dosage form: Tinaderm® cream.

Composition: Each gram contains 10 mg tolnaftate. Preservative: chlorocresol 0.1% m/m. Pharmacological classification: A.13.9.2 fungicides.

Pharmacological action: Tolnaftate is a highly active synthetic fungicidal agent that is effective in the treatment of superficial fungal infections of the skin. Tolnaftate is inactive systemically and virtually non-sensitising.

Indications: Tinaderm cream is indicated for the topical treatment of tinea pedis, tinea cruris, tinea corporis, tinea barbae and tinea manum due to infections with trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton mentagrophytes, trichophyton tonsurans, microsporum canis, microsporum audouinii, epidermophyton floccosum and for pityriasis (tinea) versicolor due to pityrosporum obiculare. Good results can be anticipated in patients with recent, mild fungal infections of the scalp (tinea capitis).

Identification: A smooth, uniform, white cream, free from lumps and foreign matter. Presentation: Tubes of 20g. Tolnaftate 10mg. Each gram contains: Preservative: cholesterol 0.1% m/m.