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Biostrath Bare Necessities 100ml

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  • SKU: ZA705989
  • Brand: Biostrath
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Bio-Strath is an all natural supplement that provides the body with more than 60 nutrients. These nutrients support different systems in the body so that the body can function optimally. Bio-Strath has been proven to: Support memory and concentration.

How to live a full life when all you want to do is run away … but you can’t because you are so tired and you’ll forget where you’re going because you have mushy brain!!

Being pregnant is tough on your body. Some feel permanently sick, some are moody and irritable and some are constantly exhausted. Bearing children is not for the fainthearted. It’s tough on your body, your mind and your emotions.

Ask me, a working mother of a 3-year-old, an 8-month-old and wife to a husband. Your entire being is completely stretched and at times you are so exhausted that it brings you to tears. I must be honest, throughout my journey of being a mother, I have tried so many things to bring me back into balance, catch my breath and give me the energy which was constantly lacking, not to mention the mental agility. Some days I would be full of energy and hyped, that my friends would jokingly ask if I was on speed. The truth is that yes, I “technically” was and would often take a caffeine pill or tablet with a low dose of ephedrine in it to give me a buzz. I told you, I tried everything! Eventually, as your body becomes used to unnatural substances, the effects are not so great. I once again fell into a state of exhaustion, whilst trying to be super mom and wife.


Step in Bio-Strath

A very good friend of mine who was a mother to 5 children could see my sheer exhaustion and suggested Bio-Strath Elixir. Ooh, it sounded so intriguing and different and at this stage, I was willing to give anything a try. I did lots of research on it and even got the distributor to send me an information pack on it. The positive comments from users and results from various studies intrigued me.

The words that stuck in my mind about this 100% natural nutritional supplement was that it brings “order and balance to the body”. What also excited me was that it is “grown” in Switzerland in a small factory that is situated between rolling hills, completely surrounded by nature – think Heidi living in the mountains – and it is so pure that it is untouched by human hands. I had to try this and before I tell you about my AMAZING experience and results, let me give some more information to back up my results.


What is it?

Friendly yeast is fed a selection of herbs that nourish, support and balance every organ and every system of the human body. (Can you just imagine an animated emoticon lying on a deck chair being fed food by hunky servants waving palm leaves?)After two months of feeding the friendly yeast, oxygen is removed from the tanks so that the yeast can burst open and release a brownish liquid. This liquid is filled with nutrients and that is the main ingredients for Bio-Strath. This formula has remained unchanged since 1961. It’s made up of 61 different nutrients that the body needs daily but that we often neglect to give our bodies due to various lifestyle reasons.

About 10 days after taking Bio-Strath, I was on top form again and able to better all my running times and distances which left me motivated and able to get closer to my goal weight quicker.


The promoted benefits and my experience

  • Support Memory and concentration: Tick. I had currently taken so much omega oil to try and help bring back my memory that the sea would soon be missing some fishes. This tasted and smelt better and had quicker results that I could actually notice.
  • Support immune system and normal growth: After the births of both my children, my hair became thin and my nails brittle and as a super polished individual, this really bothered me. After a few weeks of taking Bio-Strath, my nails and hair started to “behave” and look like the old days. My constant feeling of a drippy nose and being run down completely disappeared, literally overnight.
  • Provide stamina in intensive work, sport and study: Apart from trying to be super mom and boss of the year, I was also running regularly to try and shed those post-pregnancy kilos and often found myself sluggish and dreading my next run due to the lack of energy. About 10 days after taking Bio-Strath, I was on top form again and able to better all my running times and distances which left me motivated and able to get closer to my goal weight quicker.
  • Support Recovery during and after convalescence: The typical cold and flu that one gets is over so much quicker and the bonus is that it actually works for that dreaded, life stands still man flu too, which my husband can testify to.
    Restore Vitality: Big tick. This was my main reason for trying it out and the main reason that I love it and continue to use it. Every day I have a feeling of wellness which is never-ending.

Safe For Everyone

Because Bio-Strath is safe for all ages – from pregnancy, babies to the elderly – you literally need only one product in the household. The adults’ range comes in two forms – an Elixir and tablets – depending on which is easier to take. Bio-Strath tablets are made from special yeast extract & natural binding so suitable for diabetics, vegans & people with coeliac disease. The children’s range is in the elixir form. I take the elixir neat, my husband takes the tablets, my 3-year-old has the elixir mixed in with her orange juice and I give it to my newborn baby on her dummy. Since it doesn’t contain any synthetic colourings, artificial sweeteners preservatives, stimulants or banned substances, I am happy to give it to my children.

What effects it has on my kids

My 3-year-old doesn’t come home from school with a snotty nose so often, the afternoon sleeps became less and not so desperate, and she settles down so much easier at bedtime instead of being hyper. My baby is less niggly and has a better sleep routine. Her bad nappy rash seemed to disappear overnight as well. Studies in children have shown that children started out drawing dull and sad pictures and after taking Bio-Strath for a 2 month period then drew bright, happy and colourful pictures. Many parents swear by it to assist with the management of their children’s ADD/ADHD.

My baby is less niggly and has a better sleep routine. Her bad nappy rash seemed to disappear overnight as well.

My beautiful peacock, Reggie, arrived in my garden one day with lots of missing feathers on his neck, with tail feathers looking scraggly and lacking lustre. Because Bio-Strath is natural, I thought what harm could it pose to my peacock? So I simply poured some of the elixir over his food and within one month, his neck feathers had grown back and his tail was stunning. Wow!

What’s also great is that Bio-Strath is suitable for vegetarians as it is all natural.

Bio-Strath is available from all from all pharmacies and health shops and is priced around R70 for the 100ml adults and the children’s Bare Necessities Elixir with the tablets selling at about R160 for 100 tablets.

I cannot stress to you how AMAZING this product is and it has given me back full power, full focus, full time allowing me to live my life to the fullest!