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Antistax Double Fresh Gel 125ml

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  • SKU: ZA705809
  • Brand: Antistax
  • Type: Vitamins & Supplements
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Antistax Double Fresh Gel 125ml is a non-greasy, easy-to-absorb gel that helps soothe and relieve tired and heavy legs. Made with red vine leaf extract and leaves legs with a cool, fresh sensation.

Antistax double fresh gel - cool refreshment. A busy lifestyle can leave your legs feeling tired, aching and uncomfortably heavy, particularly if you spend long periods standing or sitting. So at the end of a long day don't your legs deserve a treat?

Antistax double fresh gel is a unique, easily absorbed and non-greasy solution which soothes and refreshes tired, heavy legs. Simply apply it whenever needed throughout the day. Antistax double fresh gel contains the unique bioactive Flaven made with natural red vine leaf extract. Simply massage the lightly peppermint oil scented gel into your legs where it will be rapidly absorbed getting to work right away. In this way your microcirculation is stimulated and together with the unique combination of cooling and skin-caring agents will help to leave your legs feeling refreshed and revitalised. Put the spring back into your step with Antistax double fresh gel.

How can I keep my leg veins strong and healthy? The health of our leg veins is critical to our overall wellbeing, aiding the circulation of blood back to the heart. There are a number of ways in which you can promote the health of your legs. The very act of massaging Antistax double fresh gel into your legs stimulates the microcirculation, relaxing and revitalising your legs.

Exercises for healthy legs. Our leg muscles act as a pump, aiding the circulation of blood back to the heart. So keeping the "muscle pump" in peak condition is a great way to help maintain strong and healthy veins, and exercise is the key. The following 2 exercises can be done as often as you like and wherever you are - in the office or at home.

Tired, heavy, aching legs and uncomfortable tension in the legs can be the natural result of a busy lifestyle, particularly in warm weather. Antistax, the leg health specialists, have developed a unique cooling leg gel to soothe your legs in an instant with one refreshing and invigorating application. Massage into your legs to help stimulate the microcirculation. Can be used together with compression hosiery and support stockings. With a caring hydrating component for the skin. See enclosed leaflet for further information. Antistax double fresh gel can be used in conjunction with Antistax active leg tablets.

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