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8-Trek Drawing Ointment 25g

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  • SKU: ZA101450
  • Brand: 8-Trek
  • Type: Ointment
  • Availability: In Stock
EVERYONE has a cut or skin abrasion now and again. Too often many different products are kept in a medicine cabinet to treat various abrasions, cuts, insect bites, eczema, splinters, and infections. Now any minor skin ailments which do not need medical attention can be treated safely and effectively at home, with 8-Trek ointment. To treat a cut with 8-Trek ointment, one should wash your hands very well in order to keep infection from spreading. Clean the wound area with water and a mild liquid antiseptic. Then dry the area, apply 8-Trek ointment and protect with a dressing or plaster which should be changed daily. 8-Trek ointment helps treat minor skin irritations, insect bites and sunburn, by placing a small amount of onto the fingertip and rubbing gently on to the affected area.
 To treat ingrown hairs, thorns and splinters, apply a generous amount of 8-Trek ointment and cover with a dressing for 24 hours. This will help to draw out pus and foreign bodies by softening the infected area.
8-Trek ointment can help to treat boils which when untreated, can spread infection and cause complications as well as recur. The infected area must be kept covered, but if a boil does not respond to a home treatment, it may be to consult a doctor. 8-Trek ointment can safely be used on children.