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3m Plasters Water-proof 20`s

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  • SKU: ZA704617
  • Brand: 3m
  • Type: Plaster
  • Availability: In Stock


  • Seriously, when don't you need a waterproof product? Nexcare ™ Waterproof Products give you waterproof protection that utilize innovation and technology to create a barrier between wounds and everyday activities. Try one and see for yourself.


    • Seals out water, dirt and germs
    • Stays on through hand washing, showers, swimming and exercise
    • Waterproof protection for cuts, scrapes, blisters and other wounds that need to stay dry
    • Wide range of products for various body parts and all your first aid needs


    • Q: How can I help a bandage or wound dressing stick to my skin better?

      A: After you have washed the wound area, pat it dry before applying the bandage or wound dressing. After it’s on, press the bandage or dressing into place to help the adhesive adhere to your skin. Avoid rubbing the bandage or dressing or exposing it more than necessary to any liquids or lotions.

    • Q: Do I need to change my bandage or dressing if it becomes wet?

      A: No. Nexcare™ Waterproof Plasters and Nexcare™ Tegaderm™ Transparent Waterproof Dressings are designed to adhere through hand washings, showers and even swimming.

    • Q: Do Nexcare™ Products contain natural rubber latex?

      A: Many Nexcare™ Products are made with latex free materials, including: Nexcare™ Active™ Waterproof Plasters, Nexcare™ Absolute Waterproof Tape and Nexcare™ Tegaderm™ Waterproof Transparent Dressings. The wrapper on Nexcare™ Waterproof and Tattoo™ Waterproof Plasters contain natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions. All of our packages contain latex information.

    • Q: What can I use to protect my wound while taking a shower or bath?

      A: Use Nexcare™ Tegaderm™ Waterproof Transparent Dressings. This waterproof dressing seals out water, dirt and germs, and stays on in the shower or bath. If the Tegaderm™ dressing is covering an IV site, use an additional covering so that water does not enter the IV site by the catheter.

    • Q: Do you have any products for sensitive skin?

      If your skin has a tendency to react to adhesive, try our line of Sensitive Skin Products. They were designed for easy removal and are repositionable. Available in a bandage, tape, dressing and eye patch.