With a 170-year heritage, Aspen is a global specialty and branded pharmaceutical company with a presence in both emerging and developed markets. We have more than 9 000 employees at 69 established offices in over 50 countries and territories. We improve the health of patients in more than 115 countries through our high quality, affordable medicines.

Aspen focuses on marketing and manufacturing a broad range of post-patent, branded medicines and domestic brands covering both hospital and consumer channels through our key business segments.  Our key business segments are Manufacturing and Commercial Pharmaceuticals comprising Regional Brands and Sterile Focus Brands.


Aspen’s product range in South Africa covers several therapeutic categories. These include pain, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, ear, nose and throat (“ENT”), endocrine system, gastro-intestinal tract, musculo-skeletal agents, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (“NSAIDS”), respiratory system and urinary tract system.

Aspen Pharmacare in South Africa comprises two business units namely Commercial and Manufacturing.


Our Commercial business provides a diverse basket of high quality, affordable medicines and products which are supplied to community pharmacies, retail pharmacy chains, corporate pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, prescribing specialists, dispensing general practitioners, managed healthcare funders and retail stores across the private and public sectors.

Aspen’s range of branded, post-patent, over the counter (“OTC”), and consumer health products offer the convenience of a comprehensive service to our broad customer base.


The Prescription brands incorporate branded and post-patent products.

Aspen’s leading prescription brands treat allergic rhinitis, asthma, bacterial infections,  chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cough and colds, hypertension, chronic inflammatory skin diseases, epilepsy, constipation, gout, hypothyroidism, inflammation, mental health disorders, pain, urinary tract infection, and women’s reproductive health.


The Consumer brands include an extensive range of products categorised in the self-medication sector of the market.

With over a 170-year heritage, the Lennon Dutch Medicines range has established brand equity with more than 35 line items that remain a proven favourite for the treatment of minor ailments.

Some of the other renowned consumer brands include Borstol, Eye Gene, Movicol, Ulsanic, and Woodwards.


The Group operates 23 manufacturing facilities across 15 sites on six continents. Aspen Pharmacare’s South African manufacturing sites are based in Port Elizabeth and East London. Our manufacturing capabilities at these two sites cover a wide variety of product types including steriles, oral solid dose, liquids, semi-solids, and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

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